Walk on one of our recommended day walks for a few hours or a day or plan a multi-day hike through regional parks, amazing forests and stunning coastal regions.
Here just few exemples.
Please contact us if you are interested in a custom hiking or walking tour.

Devil's Saddle hiking




A pleasant hike with very interesting panoramic spots allowing a view from the top of the long neck of land between the salt ponds and the sea which marks out Cagliari landscape...

Walking on the Ancient Roman road

Domus de Maria



We'll follow the coastal road which the ancient Romans built to connect Nora and Bithia (original paving still visible in some stretch)....

"Miniere nel blu" hiking

Changing views of the Pan di Zucchero limeston stack, astonishing cliffs, unspoilt bays, caves, narrow canyon, ancient mining settlements...

Wilde horses walking

Come face to face to the wild horses, the only wild horses in Europe. We'll discover the beauty of this Mediterranean environment, rich in wind-twisted cork-oaks and smelling bushes, with its spectacular ponds...