History, art, sea and beautiful nature scenery

Cagliari city tour



Cagliari’s rich history is spelled out in Roman ruins, museums, churches and galleries...

Walking on old Roman footsteps

On the road, Santa Gilla lagoon, wetland site of international importance under the Ramsar Convention since 1976, one of the main European sites for the greater flamingo...

Archaeology, nature and gastronomy

Barumini - Giara



We'll visit the bronze age fortress "Su Nuraxi" UNESCO world heritage,dating back to 1500 b.C...and we'll have a walk to see the enchanting wild horses at the Giara plateau...

Phoenicians' Route

We'll meet the only woman who still makes byssus with the method which dates back to Ancient Egypt times: she'll show us how she works, explaining the different phases and letting us admire her masterpieces.

Special exhibition "Mont'e Prama Stone Warriors"

The only group of sculpted life-sized warriors ever found in Europe, 500 years older than China’s famous Terracotta Army. Archers, shield-holding ‘boxers’ and swordsmen have now been re-assembled...

Antas Temple - "Su Mannau" grotto - walking and breathtaking panoramas

The Romans built this imposing temple in an area which was already sacred in the Nuragic, Phoenician and Punic period and many elements that recall previous cultures are still visible.

The Nuragic civilisation: nuraghi, Giants' graves, religious sites

According to recent studies ancient sacred places were built along energy channels flowing under the earth’s crust.

Gorgeous wines, wonderful food and new knowledge

Explore the world of the winemaker from the inside, visit the wineries and taste their wines. Vermentino, Cannonau, Malvasia wines are renowned for high quality.

Geomining Historic and Environment Park

Breathtaking view of Pan di Zucchero, a 134-meter high limestone stack raising in the middle of a wonderful bay...

Piscinas sand dunes - UNESCO world heritage - Montevecchio, the ghost town

This area shows an uncommon mixture of nature and the signs of human activities.

The genuine flavours of a lunch with the shepherds

Goni alignments, the most well-known megalithic site in Sardinia...The genuine flavours of a lunch with the shepherds...enchanting mixture of past and present at Isili Museum

Discovering the Romanesque architecture

Sardinia’s cultural highlights include its 150 Romanesque churches...

Sulcis-iglesiente: the oldest part of Italy

What makes Santa Barbara grotto so peculiar is the presence of dark barite tabular crystals...

Going back to the Neolithic time

Discover one of Sardinia most unspoiled areas: Montessu, an amphitheatre of Neolithic tombs hewn from the rock... the marvellous romanesque church in Tratalias, built in 1213... Finally enjoy the white sand dunes at Porto Pino beach.